Welcome!  My name is Helen and here you can get more information on where I am working. This site includes the services I offer, upcoming specials to be announced and products available to you to purchase so you have the availability to upkeep your hands between your Regular Scheduled Appts.  As a Salon Owner and Professional Nail Tech and Design Artist I am always looking to be part of a new and exciting  project when it comes to creating the unique and individual service you deserve.   I specialize in Colored Acrylics and Glitter Nails as well as Custom Design created just for you .  In 2017 I joined the ELEGANT GLASS NAIL team as an Educator . I have the direct privilege of working with these amazing Ladies as well as the owner Myra who have put together this one of a kind Product Line up.   I hope you enjoy looking around my site and have the opportunity to make your appointment with me soon.  I provide creative, reliable, and timely service with professionalism and the quality care that I believe You Deserve .

The Nail Shoppe   by Helen
Thank You and Make It A Great Nail Day !!!!
Natural Nail Care 
My name is Carissa and like you, I demand perfection when it comes to my nails. For many years, I remained loyal to one nail care specialist. Every time I got my nails done this person knew just what I liked and gave me a good price. Have you ever heard the expression “ignorance is bliss?” Well, trust me when I say that when it comes to nails, this is not the case. I had no idea what I was missing out on until my mother showed me her nails after going to Helen for the first time. I instantly said to myself I have to at least check her out for myself. Sure the person I had been going to for years always gave me a good price and gave me just what I wanted but that was before my eyes were opened to a world of custom designs and the hottest trends in nail art. Now my choices have gone from a good set of nails to the best looking nails money can buy created from my wildest desires and a lot of gifted artwork. Trust me when I say that The Nail Shoppe is the best out there. I believe going to see Helen at The Nail Shoppe was the best thing I have done for my nails and these works of art she creates have become the envy of all my friends.

Helen does the most amazing nails.  They are creative and fun.  She can do any type of design you want.
The different holidays are always fun.  Even when you vacation, she can customize your nails to fit your 
vacation.  I get compliments on everyset I have ever had done.  Thank you Helen for "10 great nailz"!

I have had the good fortune of going to Helen since before she owned The Nail Shoppe.  She is a fabulous person and she does a terrific job on nails.  Her dedication to her clients and her company shows very well in her work ethic as well as the quality of her work.  She only uses the best products and due to the many classes that she attends her skills are tremendous.  The fun things that she brings to the table every time I see her are absolutely fascinating.  Including all the little extras that she sells, for example the fabulous purse I bought from her, the lotions, hats, etc.  It is a BLAST every two weeks when I go for my fill, back fill or new set.  She does things I’ve never seen anyone else do before and believe me I have been wearing nails for a very long time. – Trish Laytart, 
I have been coming to Helen for a long time now, and have always enjoyed my time with her.  Helen is a very positive person during my appointment.  She is very creative and I always get complements from people about my nails  I always give out her card when people give me a complement about how different my nails are.  I like it that she wants to also have other products.  Such has purses, wallets, body lotions, and everything women love. She is always on top of it and changing with the bling, bling times.  I would recommend my friends to Helen for her services.                    Peggy

I have been a client of Helen's for a while now and love the way she does my nails.  She has cool designs and the newest nail products.  Fun stuff.  Helen is always fun to be around.  Thanks Helen.

Helen was recommended to me by my hair stylist. She told me that Helen does everyone's nails that do nails. Now I know why.  Helen can do it all -- traditional, elegant, creative or wild -- whatever you desire. Personally, I always go with the creative or wild and I'm complimented on my nails EVERYWHERE I go!!!!               Thanks, Helen. 
       Renee Carpenter   
Having worn acrylic nails for nearly 30 years (I started the same time  
as Cher did!) Helen is by far the best nail professional I have  
encountered. Her artistry and technique are both quick & fabulous. I  
have had more compliments and great comments about my nails than ever  
before. Helen is the greatest!!!!! I would recommend her to everyone! 

I've been seeing helen for a few months now and I will NEVER go anywhere else to get my nails done! She does an amazing job everytime and everyone loves my nails!! She always has the coolest new trends and has the best products. I started bringing my mom in to see her too. Now we all bond every two weeks. I love you helen thanks for all your amazing work!!!                        Cayla
                                                       Simply the best!
Helen has an amazing level of creativity that makes your experience at her salon and spa like no other! Each set of nails she designs are created by hand and are the most unique and absolutely amazing works of artistry.  She is passionate about providing the highest level of services for her clientele. 
From the second you arrive, you will notice that she is extremely particular and takes pride in keeping each and every centimeter of her salon clean, sanitary and welcoming to all who are fortunate enough to visit her. 
Every time you visit this amazing private salon, you will have the highest level of customer service, craftsmanship and genuine pride is taken to provide all of your services. When departing from your fabulous experience, you will feel relaxed and truly like a million dollars! It is truly an escape with a guarantee of total satisfaction! 
Helen not only takes into account your individual personality, she is able to portray that through her hand crafted pieces of art…. your nails.  Helen uses only the highest quality spa and nail products during your visits. 
Do not expect harsh fumes or rushed work (like many of the common salons today)! Appointments are necessary for a reason! I also advise, if you must adjust your appointment, make sure to do this in advance since Helen has many clients that travel many miles (and even from other states) to visit her!
Additionally, the salon and spa offers wonderful professional products for purchase including skin care, nail care and other cosmetic items that you will not find in your common stores.  Helen’s specialty boutique also has a wide array of fashion items including stunning jewelry, handbags, wallets, clothing, seasonal footwear and so much more to satisfy the most particular coinsurer.
 If you truly want to experience the upper echelon of nail artistry, relaxing atmosphere and customer service like no other, I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Helen for all of your nail service needs.  
                                       Your experience will be the Crème de la Crèm!
                                                            Stacy Bodenstedt – Glendale, Arizona
Hey Helen.  Just wanted to let you know what a great job you do on my nails.  There is always something new to try, a new look, color, design.  When I go places I always get nice complements on them.  Thanks for all you do.

Hey ladies have I got news for you. My name is Jill and Helen is my nail tech. I had been searching for a while for someone to take care of my hands and nails I found her. There is a great shop on 57th and Bell called The Nail Shoppe. I've been going there for about 6 months, the colors are great, the designs are varied, and Helen can do anything. She also has many other things for you to buy and look at. I seldom if everytime  leave her shop just paying for my nails. The prices are very reasonable handbags, lotion, jewerly and other trinkets that we might be interested in. So take time for yourself and go visit Helen. LOL with a big smile 

My name is Tracy Brown and I have been coming to the Nail Shoppe for over 3 years.  I am hear to tell you there is no one better for great quality service than Helen.  I have NEVER had the same thing twice she is amazing and that's the honest truth you will never want to go to anyone else again. Helen always goes above and beyond anyone I have ever meet in the nail business. Her shop is a lovely atmosphere and has the best quality of supplies which can be expected every time no matter what.  Helen and her Nail Shoppe are the best find ever.                                                                           Thanks for all your loving care   

            Tracy Brown
 I’ve been going to Helen for over a year and I will not go to anyone else.  She uses top of the line materials for both the nails and cleaning her supplies. I’m often indecisive but she’s always patient with me, listens to what I want and creates adorable nails every time.  Sara Brown -31years young
OR a Rap...
Her name is Helen, she owns The Nail Shoppe
Each design she creates makes your nails pop 
I need classy for a dance
I need sexy for romance
I need funky for my health
I need my nails for myselfd text.
.I've been going to Helen for some time now, and I love her! She is all about what her clients want and goes above & beyond to make us happy! She has such a wide range of fun & new looks that you just won't find anywhere else. Not to mention, Helen is top notch in customer service! Love ya Helen, thx for making my nails always look fabulous!!
Robyn Abbott
From the first time I got my nails done with helen the experience couldn't have been better, not to mention helen has done the greatest job on my nails by far compared to any other salon I've been too! I receive constant complements and my crazy, fun nails! High quality, amazing work and very highly recommended!

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