I have started my career in the Nail Industry in the early 2000's as a business  owner in a exciting field that not only gives me the opportunity to not only work with amazing people, but also it lets me continuously learn and excel.  I find what this industry offers me is both exciting and extremely self gratifying.  I have had the direct pleasure of meeting so many individuals not only at T.N.S. but within the nail community.  The talents are endless, the opportunities are achievable in all that we desire as individuals .  My Goal in my Salon has always been and is best well said by my moto, " Creating Memories One Nail At A Time".  To me it stands for working at a job that I love so very much, sharing talents as well as stories, achieving the very best and to offer each and every client my talent as the nail dynamics to achieve the optimum goals which I believe my clients DESERVE. At times we as Nail Professionals have noticed that clients are not well educated enough and perhaps common sense is not so common.  We as hard working career driving individuals should do our very best to educate our clients as well as keeping up with fun and trendy designs at best.  Our clients put their faith in us and their hard earned monies and  they have chosen us to deliver each and every  time.    We are also great listeners to our clients because some may only have us that does just that for them.  We as Nail artists, set ourselves apart from others by using the very best of the best products in the industry as well as stand behind  a product line . I have solely chosen EGN and all it stands for as a business and as well as the individual people that are all involved to make the EGN team .  We as nail Professionals should always strive to learn and achieve proper training in this ever changing industry,  We are willing to learn and educate others and that is why we are proud to be a " EG Girl".  Futhermore,  we seek to push our limits, our dreams, our goals and make a heartfelt difference in all the hands we touch and the stories we listen too.  We keep our clients smiling , because at the end of the day "NAILS , do just that".  They make us smile.  I have had the direct pleasure of being the Arizona educator for Elegant Glass Nails starting Feb of 2017.  I have also taken numerous continuing educational classes in all areas.  Such as: Acrylic sculpting, various design series , Gels, being professionally trained on the electric file and Certified in using, sanitation and infection control and much more...   I am always looking to be challenged in this area and in the design of your nails.   Dare to Dreams Ladies !!

                                 Looking forward to meeting with you in Person !!